ARSENICUM ALBUM, Arsenious Acid-Arsenic Trioxide,Homoeopathy Medicine

ARSENICUM ALBUM, Arsenious Acid-Arsenic Trioxide,Homoeopathy Medicine

A profoundly acting remedy on every organ and tissue. As Homoeopathy Drug of Choice depends on symptomatology of the patient, the following symptoms if anyone have ,whatever the diseases Arsenicum album can cure the condition. Yes, the doses should differ in case of ACUTE or CHRONIC cases. Although the selection is stictly on basis of totality of the following symptoms(cover 3-4 symptoms), the diseases are majorly cured by this drug are also listed here.


Great exhaustion after the slightest exertion.

Burning pains; the affected parts burn like fire, as if hot coals were applied to parts (Anthr.), > by heat, hot drinks, hot applications.

Unquenchable thirst.

Great anguish and restlessness. Changes place continually.Mentally restless, BUT PHYSICALLY TOO WEAK TO MOVE;Attacks of anxiety at night driving out of bed, < after midnight.

Fears, of death, of being left alone, or, going to bed,with cold sweat.thinks it useless to take medicine, IS INCURABLE, IS surely going to die;

Seaside complaints (Nat mur; Aqua Marina).

Ars should be thought of in ailments from alcoholism, CHEWING TOBACCO,ptomaine poisoning, stings, dissecting wounds, chewing tobacco; ill effects from decayed food or animal matter;of vegetable diet, melons, and watery fruits generally.Gastric derangements; after cold fruits; ice cream; ice water;


Odor of discharges is putrid;

Great thirst for cold water; DRINKS OFTEN, BUT LITTLE AT A TIME,Nausea, retching, vomiting, after eating or drinking

Complaints return annually (Carbo v., Lach., Sulph., Thuja).

Symptoms generally worse from 1-2 P.M., 12-2 A.M.


    After midnight (1 to 2 A.M. or P.M.) ; FROM COLD; COLD DRINKS OR FOOD; when lying on affected side or with the head low.
    FROM HEAT IN GENERAL (reverse of Sec.) except headache, which is temporarily > by cold bathing (Spig.); burning pain > by heat.



ILI running nose,sneezing,worse in open air; better indoors.High temperature. Periodicity marked, Great heat about 3 am.,

Asthma- Unable to lie down; fears suffocation.worse midnight.worse lying on back

Diarrhoea- AFTER EATING OR DRINKING; stool scanty, dark-colored, offensive, and whether small or large, FOLLOWED BY GREAT PROSTRATION.



Anemia- (also see China and Ferrum phos.)-Gradual loss of weight from impaired nutrition.  

Malignancy- Maintains the system under the stress of malignancy regardless of location,Rapid emaciation: with cold sweat and great debility (Tub., Ver.)

Haemorrhoids –with stitching pain when walking or sitting, not at stool; preventing sitting or sleep; BURNING PAIN < BY HEAT; fissures make voiding urine difficult.

Diabetic Neuropathy, Diabetic gangrene. Ulcers on heel (Cepa; Lamium).


Paediatrics-Teething children are pale, weak, fretful, and want to be carried rapidly.


Third to thirtieth potency. The very highest potencies often yield brilliant results.Low attenuations in gastric, intestinal, and kidney diseases; higher in neuralgias, nervous diseases, and skin. But if only surface conditions call for it, give the lowest potencies, 2x to 3x trit. Repeated doses advisable.


Complementary: Allium s., Carbo v., Phos., Pyr, Rhus; Thuja; Secale

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